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Develop Expertise as a Makeup Artist

Have you perfected the technique of making the smokey eye? Can you determine what color lipstick is suitable for a person’s skin just by looking at her skin at a glance? If you have a talent for aesthetics and a desire to use your talents and creativity make people look beautiful, maybe a makeup artist is a right career for you. Learn what it takes to build a career in the Makeup Artist field such as being a makeup artist on long island.

Practice wearing makeup for yourself and your friends so you can develop and perfect your techniques and skills. Remember, maybe your star is in wearing makeup on yourself, but putting it on someone else requires some different skills and coordination. Exercise to dress people with different skin color, face shape, eye color, and age. Find people with light, medium, dark, dark colors. This will help you develop diverse capabilities so you can work with a wide variety of clients.

Experiment with some makeup brands. Many makeup artists choose certain makeup brands over others because the quality of the products for each brand is different. You should also experiment with several types of textures such as liquid foundation and talc, and learn which ones are suitable for certain skin types (eg dry skin and oily skin). Try using different brushes, sticks, and other tools. Makeup brushes are available in various shapes, sizes, and textures.

Get to know different views. Read fashion magazines and blogs, watch movies, go to the theater and notice the various trends and facial makeup styles. It’s important to be able to produce the look that your client describes and to get to know the latest trends so you can advise clients on the look of the best. Learn to determine the day and night view. Remember the points below:

– In general, makeup for daylight should be minimal; still, use shades of pink for the lips, and the color is only two levels of natural skin color. Eye makeup should be smooth, no more than a neutral mascara and eyeshadow.

– Night makeup can be bolder, can be with dramatic eyes or lips (but not both) and cheekbone affirmation.