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Makeup Artist’s Tricks that You Need to Know

Makeup is very tight with women. Want perfect makeup look like an artist? Follow this makeup trick and you will get the makeup results you want! Taking care of the facial skin to keep it healthy and beautiful is very important. But, not enough with the treatment alone, how to apply the right makeup is also very supportive of women’s appearance. Have you ever seen artists who always look beautiful with their makeup? Now you can also get perfect makeup results like the artist by doing the long island makeup artist trick below.

– Flawless skin

As good as any foundation, it would be useless if previously not coated moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer that is water-based and contains SPF, to make the results look fresher. SPF is useful for keeping your skin from the rays of UVA and UVB sunlight. In addition to your face looks fresh, your skin will look smooth too.

– Highlight eyes

Durable eyeliner is a powerful way to get a keen eye-catch. The way is easy, apply an eye moisturizer first, then use base eyeshadow or concealer. After that, frame the eyes with pencil-type eyeliner and seal with liquid eyeliner to sharpen the color.

– Natural Shading and Durable

To get a more natural and durable shading, use a tinted moisturizer first, then coat it with shading. Disguise using powder and repeat the shading again. Makeup on your face will last all day, so make your appearance the maximum.

– Natural Eyebrows

Trim and natural eyebrow hair, use an eyebrow pencil to draw and slightly reinforce eyebrows. Remember, just a little ladies! Brush with an eyebrow brush to blend colors and spray a little hairspray on the brush to tidy up your eyebrows as a last resort.

– Long Lasting Blush

Blushing cheeks will make you more beautiful and look fresh. It’s not hard to get a long-lasting flush cheek, you just do this 5 steps yes:

Apply tinted moisturizer evenly
Mix blush cream shapes
Cover with the foundation you normally use
Use the powder as usual
Finally, blush on a powder-shaped

– Solid Lip Color

Frame the lips with a lip pencil that is the same color with lips yes, ladies. Apply lipstick as usual. Then stick the lips with tissue paper, then apply the powder. Apply the lipstick once more and then notice the difference. The color of your lips will look more solid. Prove it!

– Eyelashes Lentik

Lentik without false eyelashes? No need to worry! Cover the lashes using mascara. Then dip the mascara brush on the powder, brush it on the lashes again. Now your eyelashes are so thick and natural.