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What Makes The Best Makeup Artists?

A makeup artist is someone who applies prosthetics to other people. They use the human body as a medium to apply various kinds of make-up. There are many different types of prosthetics and a makeup artist can use different types of prosthetics in order to create a complete look. The job of a makeup artist involves applying many types of makeup. However, there is one common characteristic that all makeup artists share. The skill of applying makeup to others is what makes them so unique.

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To get started, a makeup artist must have knowledge of lighting and camera techniques. Having a portfolio of work is important. A person who has experience in the field will be able to make use of the many different kinds of lighting available for photo shoots. A freelance artist can also create a website where he or she can showcase his or her work. In either case, industry experience is a key component of being a successful makeup artist. read more

Makeup Artists Need to Increase Their Skills and Qualifications

Becoming a professional makeup artist is a wonderful opportunity for budding makeup artists. The ever-expanding makeup industry provides a wide array of job possibilities as a Makeup Artist including weddings, pageants, and special events. In this informational article, will discuss how to become a professional makeup artist and what the role your makeup artist site would play in this exciting process. Reading this article will also provide insight into the different areas makeup artists should specialize in such as: commercial makeup, stage makeup, wedding makeup, and specialty makeup. read more

Long Island NY Fashion Makeup Artists

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Long Island NY Fashion Makeup Artists

A professional makeup artist is a great option in this difficult economy. Many don’t even know where to look. Long Island NY has long been the Mecca for makeup artists. NY Cosmetic offers a variety of affordable services at a reasonable price. Jackie provides exceptional makeup services for weddings, corporate events and photo shoots in Long Island. Plus TV, Filmmaking, Editorial and Makeup Artists available in the area.

The main event of the wedding, it is a big responsibility for hair and make-up artists. You are responsible for the hairstyle, the cake and even the concert. There are also photojournalism projects for editorial, TV, and film. You have endless possibilities. read more