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What Does a Makeup Artist Do?

makeup artist

What Does a Makeup Artist Do?

A makeup artist is a person who applies prosthetics and makeup to other people to create a variety of different looks. They work in many productions and are involved in all aspects of the modeling industry. There are several different types of makeup artists, each with a unique background, and the career options are plentiful. There are also several different types of prosthetics, including those that are used to enhance the appearance of different body parts. The following is a brief description of the work of a makeup artist. read more

How to Become a Makeup Artist on Long Island

Are you planning to become a makeup artist on Long Island? If yes, you can go to beauty school. Many makeup stores will accept employees even though they have never studied at a beauty school, however, if you have the money and time, you can learn various techniques from people who have experience in this business. The school curriculum is diverse, but usually includes basic skills like bridal makeup and advanced skills such as makeup special effects. Remember, even though the courses are helpful, they can not change the exercises, experiments and natural talents that you have to live and have. read more